Thursday, 21 June 2012


The RaspberryPI is a small, credit card sized, ARM based PC that can run Linux. Love2D is a game framework for 2D games in Lua, with physics via box2d and all round quite nice for writing small games in across Windows, OSX, and Linux. 

I have built the current Love2D on the RaspberryPI using the current suggested release of Linux for the pi (based on Debian Squeeze). This was just following the instructions on building Love2D from source at the Love2D wiki. There is an outdated build of Love2D in the debian repo but this is 0.5.0 vs the current 0.8.0 release.

Current status: the demos seem to run, just very, very, slowly. This is probably attributable to softfp being used throughout the whole OS build, and non-optimized X11 drivers on the PI. With luck, all that is needed to make Love2D good for use is the system being built with hardfp as is done on the raspbian project.

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