Thursday, 27 November 2008

Be Quick or Be Dead

Cell Linux - now I remember why I haven't bothered to administer or install Linux for years. Some documentation on the (many) steps needed for the particular version I have to install is here. Got to love any system this decade that fails to support WiFi. Once the obsolete and buggy packages get dumped on disk, apply ~1.0GB of patches and updates as detailed in the yum FAQ on updating and upgrading. The admin docs are a work in progress.

Its fun to try and seperate generic Linux config tweaks from distribution and architecture specific ones. Its like going back to Slackware vs Redhat in 1996....

On an aside, the IP address of this particular router is for now.

The by now familiar refrain for Linux is that it all works better in a more recent version. This may be true. Got to love a website that is simply the directory layout of the FTP server over HTTP.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Here to Stay

The annoyance of the automated windows updater can be dealt with, via equally obscure command line or GUI means; this was detailed on the coding horror blog. To make it go away until the next reboot, use

net stop "automatic updates"

A random link of interest is We Tell Stories. Pretty computations can be found here on the GPU for rendering 3d Julia fractals and here on Cell for real time ray tracing. A book on Cell programming, with example source code.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Next in Line

So, next in the line of things found while researching how to drive bits of software. First up, network theory have online (and printed) manuals for free software, most relevantly GCC with its monstrous collection of options. Redhat have some more docs on options and warnings.

On the realms of useful tools there is and 7zip for mucking around with test images, screen shots, and (un)archiving on Windows.