Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Moment Of Luck In The Sea Of Misfortune

The latest update to Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 gives the ability to build C++11 programs for versions of Windows from XP upwards. For that build configuration, the static analysis tools are disabled, as are some other areas of less used functionality (HLSL compilation, remote debugging, direct x debugging). Note the new v110_xp mode is the only supported one for targeting XP.

This new update requires updates to tools around MSVC e.g. CMake 2.8.11 is required to use the new mode. 

Updating MSVC also brings new advice about what compiler options are sensible, and what options are newly harmful. /Za is bad in MSVC 2010+, and is discussed in the boost warning guidelines.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Final Chapter: Thus Ends...

The reason why gdb would not work on Ubuntu: a deliberate policy by the OS developers. Cheers, guys. At least the stack overflow(s) make finding why easier.

There is a lot of good looking "web stuff" around. 

Sublime Text 2 is good in part because of packages (installation, usage). Also as it works in Linux, Windows, and OSX.

Nostalgic returns to operating systems of the past require the opening of disk images as floppy drives are in the past (as indeed, the disks...). A RISCOS disk module to make disk images appear as mountable disks exists, and is useful in ARCEM.

Once again, I content myself to computing on OSX and Windows, leaving Linux again except on the Raspberry PI. The usability issues are never addressed adequately. Its an open question if the pain points of the past are addressed before it becomes irrelevant e.g. CD/DVD burning may finally work well, but do I care any longer? Some old and fun rants on Linux usability (or the lack thereof).

The Nature of Code is a fascinating book. 

IDE testing is not so often blogged about.

Word games are popular, but need dictionaries! Here is a game with swedish and english dictionaries in Sqllite DB files. (May be a good game, don't know!)