Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Piece by Piece

Some pretty folder icons on a pretty website. A guide to actually using them on OSX...

Encoding email addresses in JavaScript for web display to humans rather than bots - although, how long will it be before bots run JS?

Markdown. Text to html. Showdown, Markdown in JS. Syntax highlighting for code snippets. Browser side code is becoming useful for more than annoying input validation.

The programming language Oberon, dead in all but name, lives on. As normal for niche languages, especially dead ones, documentation is scarce. Fortunately, Oberon is simple and the report short. Some more books on Oberon are around too, for the moment. Since Oberon is so simple, no-one uses Oberon 1, 2, or 2007 - but extended versions with features (re)added from Pascal, Modula and other Pascal derived languages. 

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