Sunday, 26 October 2008

Stranger in a Strange Land

This blog will accumulate links to things I find to be of interest, and wish to find again. Entry titles will be chosen on whim from a music collection dominated by heavy metal; people reading this blog (who?) should know this follows on from a web page detailing random experiences of linux usage, now available from here and here. This title is brought to you by Iron Maiden and emigration to Sweden...

Stack Overflow is an interesting experiment in collaborative question and answering for programming topics, which may in time become a useful repository of knowledge related to programming. 

It is intended to replace the traditional collection of physical books of programming knowledge - but freely accessible online books seem likely to be a more focussed, comprehensive source for certain programming topics - the GNU project links to 3rd party online books with liberal licenses, including some of the O'Reilly open book online books.

While its early days yet, I note there is far more content, somewhat better organised, in the book on GNU make than in the corresponding collection of questions tagged 'make' on Stack Overflow. 

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